Hi, I’m Kate!

During the week I practice law full-time in Grand Junction, Colorado. On the weekend you can find me hiking, camping, and exploring around Colorado & Utah with my partner, William, and my rescue pup, Becket.

I created Kate Outdoors to serve as a resource for anyone looking to get outside, create more work-life balance, and connect more deeply to nature. I’m hugely passionate about environmental protection and climate advocacy, and I wholeheartedly believe that when you cultivate an intimate relationship with the Earth, you’re more likely to make more sustainable choices, from the products you purchase to the candidates you help put into office.

Whether you’re new to hiking & camping, a more serious adventurer seeking new places to explore, or are just interested in learning more about sustainability and the environment, Kate Outdoors has got you covered. I hope you find inspiration to get outside, connect to the Earth, and develop a more sustainable & holistic way of living.

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